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Simple Hangover Cures and Remedies!
By: Ghanna Barry

Often, it is the fact that individuals believe that hangover cures actually work that encourages them to drink far more than they should. The number of cures available just makes you realize what a huge market there is for them. There are a number of problems that a hangover cure must remedy, including the by products of alcohol itself which are toxic and of course the loss of vitamins A,B & C and dehydration.

It is known fact that some drinks give you worse hangovers than others due to the actions of impurities contained in the alcohol. It's the concentration of these impurities that also helps determine how quickly you will become drunk and, more than likely, how bad your hangover will be. For instance the clear spirits (vodka, gin etc) have less impurities than the colored ones (whisky and cognac) as they have been filtered.

However, the real reason we have hangovers and strive for perfect hangover cures is because we simply drink too much. This may also be because of two other factors which are consuming too much alcohol in a very short space of time before the body can full process it or often because people drink on an empty stomach but whatever the reason, it is our choice to do this.

It is well known that if you drink slowly, the body is able to process the alcohol and other toxins before they get to a level that gets us drunk. But because very few people adhere to a few simple drinking rules, the world is full of hangover cures.

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The ideas that come up range from the quite sensible to the absolutely ludicrous, but nevertheless it always makes for an interesting subject of conversation. Nevertheless, the best cure for a hangover is still something that many people are searching for.

Some may disagree but if you continue to drink, the alcohol will gradually start having it's dehydrating effect and the dreaded hangover will follow. In answer to this situation it is important to remain hydrated whilst you are drinking and before sleep.

One hangover cure is taking a couple of headache tablets and drinking a pint of cold mineral water before bed and then some orange juice in the morning as it replaces lost vitamin C. This is quite affective but like many things in life, the older you become as far as drinking is concerned, the less you actually able to drink in the first place and the less likely it is the hangover cures will work.

Eating bananas which contain large amounts of fructose, and potassium, pass as a credible hangover cure because these are two things the body loses when you drink. Fortunately, bananas contain a natural antacid to help with the sick feeling, and because they are high in magnesium they can help relax those pounding blood vessels that cause the famous hangover headache.

As hangover cures go, some people swear by having a 'hair of the dog' which is normally a Bloody Mary with a few extra ingredients thrown in for good measure, however, just the very thought of drinking more alcohol when you are suffering from a hangover is usually enough to put some people off. However, your best defense to a hangover is to know when you have had enough or better still, not to drink at all, then you won't actually need a hangover cure!

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